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Charles Chorein

CG Supervisor - DNegTV

Charles Chorein is a CG Supervisor with ten years of experience at such studios as Double Negative, Weta Digital, Prime Focus World and MPC. Charles has been working in London since 2009 and has contributed his skills to various films including The Hobbit, Prometheus, The Hunger Games 2, Superman: Man of Steel, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Despicable Me, Terminator Genisys and Disney's The Jungle Book.

  • Charles had worked on three of my shows, John carter, Prometheus and Jack the giant killer. He has a good sense of team work. He is a very hard worker, until his job is not done he will never give up ! From a production point of view, he always estimate pretty well the amount of work and the time it will takes, which simplify our life for sure! Also he is always volunteer to help a co-worker or explain with clear words why a shot can’t get through when prod does not understand why we can’t stick to the schedule and proposing a new plan. I would put him on my team again with no doubt !!

    - Alexandra Added
    VFX Producer

  • I got the chance to meet Charles a while back when I started working at MPC and it is now as a Dmp/Environment Lead that I would like to strongly recommend him to whom it may concern. I found Charles to be a fantastique co-worker, always trying to do his best to help. He is professional and courteous, and yet very proactive. He is also very reliable and easy going. He possesses a wide range of skills and manage his work with a strong work ethic. He addresses technical issues with efficency and has a strong understanding of the different aspects of a production. He not only demonstrates great talent but he is independant and blend very easily within a team, with the respect and confidence of his colleagues. It is without a shadow of a doubt that I would recommend him highly to any facility or employer.

    - Isabelle Rousselle
    Senior digital matte painter

  • I have had the pleasure to work along side Mr Chorein on Prometheus at MPC it has been a pleasure. He is highly skilled extremely devoted to his work and his team, always looking for the best way to produce quality lit shots, by developing tools that are widely used by all his peers. I reckon he is more than an asset to a team he would be the "necessary parts required to make big machine run smoothly" ... I would highly recommend Mr Chorein….

    - Oba Ameziane-Hassani
    Senior Fur Groomer / CFX Artist DD