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Animal Anatomy: Modeling a Fossa

From Skeleton to Final Creature Sculpt with Aritz Basauri


Approaching realistic creature modeling can feel daunting. In this 5-hour workshop, Aritz Basauri breaks down the modeling of a Fossa from the inside out, from the creature-studying process through the complete build of a detailed sculpt, using Maya, ZBrush, SketchBook Pro, Advanced Skeleton, and Mari.

You’ll learn how to refine your creature-studying process and make educated decisions about your modeling workflow. The workshop is intentionally sectioned into chapters that make the entire process easy to follow, beginning with sketches and anatomical studies. From there, Aritz jumps into Maya, where he instructs how to use the references to create your own studies and blueprints. You’ll explore how to set up the correct proportions for your model and tackle the modeling of the skeleton geometry before moving on to the main muscle groups using ZBrush. This creates a solid foundation for the sculpting of the Fossa’s skin. This workshop also covers retopology, UVs, and final skin surface detailing techniques.

This video series is aimed at students and junior artists. The goal of this tutorial is to help artists explore ways to approach the modeling of an existing creature, aiming for believable results. From setting up the base model to building an entire creature from the skeleton to the skin, you’ll explore various methods and techniques that will serve as roadmaps for your future modeling projects.

Duration: 5h 33m

Format: HD 1920x1080

Aritz Basauri

Sr. Creature Artist at Fablefx

Aritz Basauri graduated in Fine Arts with a passion for nature. Before diving into 3D, he explored photography, illustration, and painting, which he still continues to practice. He has been working as a creature artist for 8 years, and has been lucky to be part of some amazing projects, working with some really talented people over the years.

He is currently working at Fablefx, where his passion for art and nature come together to provide a perfect balance. Outside of work, he enjoys turning off the computer and venturing outside to hike with his two dogs. 

Follow Aritz on Instagram @aritzbasauri and follow his career on LinkedIn.

  • Through my years working as a Creature Specialist, I've had the chance to witness Aritz's growth and influence in the CG creature world. Aritz is a truly inspiring artist whom I count as one of the top ten animal experts out there. His sense of anatomy is impeccable, as well as his design taste and dedication to his craft! He is one of the Artists who will never cease to inspire me.

    - Gael Kerchenbaum
    Freelance Creature Anatomist

  • Aritz is one of the top creature artists I've had the pleasure to work with. His knowledge and passion for the craft are inspiring and really shine through in all his assets and artwork. There's so much to learn from him and his process to create photorealistic animals. Always with the absolute highest quality, in all stages of the build, from concept and modeling to groom and texturing and look development.

    - Johan Leuf
    Freelance Creature Artist