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Camera Projection Techniques in Maya

3D Matte Painting with Darin Hilton



In this title, Darin takes you through the production and completion of a camera projected 3D Matte painting using Autodesk Maya and Adobe Photoshop®. Darin covers the essential techniques and solutions for 3D matte painting as he progresses from rough concept to modeling, rendering and creating the painting in Photoshop®. After bringing the finished matte painted layers back into Maya, he describes how to apply them in the scene. Darin also shows methods for solving common texture distortions with additional projections. Finally, he demonstrates simple techniques for bringing life to your scenes.

Duration: 225 minutes

Format: SD 1024x768

Darin Hilton

Matte Painter- Concept Artist- Art Director

Darin Hilton works in film and television as a Matte Painter and Concept Artist. After graduating from Auckland University of Technology with a diploma in Illustration and Graphic Design, Darin emigrated from New Zealand to the United States to work as a traditional animator and storyboard artist. Before long he transitioned from analog pencil to the digital world, working initially as an Art Director at a video game company then moving into film and television effects. His credits include feature films such as The Nativity Story, Flags of Our Fathers, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Are We There Yet?, The Day After Tomorrow, Queen of the Damned, Titan AE, T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous and Tom and Jerry, as well as numerous commercials and television shows. Darin is currently working in Los Angeles on various film and commercial projects as a Digital Matte Painter.

  • “In his tutorial, Darin Hilton reveals and clarifies the often confusing technique of 3d camera projection in Maya, the main technique used in 3d matte painting in feature film today. Those seeking to understand this technique will find Darin's workflow indispensable in guiding proper set up of their own projects. ”

    - Eric Hanson
    Senior Producer/VFX Designer