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Cloth modeling pipeline with Marvelous designer

with Paul Liaw


In this in-depth tutorial Paul Liaw shares his industry proven techniques for the creation of digital clothing with Marvelous Designer. It is a common misconception that there is only one best program or technique for making clothing. In this course, Paul explains how to make clothes with Marvelous Designer while demonstrating how to push it to the next level with Maya and ZBrush. He starts by teaching the fundamentals of Marvelous for new users, showing how to manipulate fabric and the core functions of Marvelous, before showing how to make a ‘sloper' (generic fitting shirt/pants). He then demonstrates how to alter the sloper into custom garments. The next phase of the course dives into pushing the fabric through the pipeline. He shares his expertise on how to move between Marvelous Designer, Maya and ZBrush, while cherry picking the strengths of each program to achieve the best looking and most production friendly results. Production topics include: best practices for making common garments, how to achieve perfect animatable topology, how to precisely control cloth and fine detail in ZBrush and how to make an asset flexible enough to appease the demands of a director, FXTD or texture painter all at once. Paul answers all these questions and more, and reveals many never-before published tricks and secrets.

Duration: 9h 48m

Format: HD 1920x1080

Paul Liaw

Modeling Lead/Zbrush Pipeline Specialist at The Mill

Paul Liaw is an acclaimed senior modeler, currently working at The Mill working on VR/AR modeling and concepting. He was recently a Senior Creature Modeler at Industrial Light & Magic, where he sculpted dinosaurs for Jurassic World and made several costumes for Doctor Strange. With over 15 years of experience, he has worked with over forty companies in various fields including commercials, TV, film, VR, 3Dprinting, games, medical visualization and education. Paul's work has earned him numerous accolades, including ZBrush Live Sculpt-off winner, ZBrush Central's Top Row, and awards from the VES and Cannes Lions.