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Developing Storytelling Skills from Life

with April Connors


Working with a costumed model, April Connors demonstrates how to use traditional media to experiment with the concepts of characterization, storytelling, tone and mood. April begins with short poses that focus on warming up the arm and mind, feeling her way through gestures and actions with media suited for speed. She then moves on to longer poses where ideas can be developed, consciously choosing media that reflect the goal for each pose, whether it is a five-minute story scenario in marker, a bright and colorful character expression study, or a moody and brooding black and white charcoal sketch. The demonstration prioritizes the influence of story on character design using body language, expression, mood and costume. April explores various media such as permanent media, pastel, dry and wet mixed media, texture, brush pen, charcoal and water color. For those interested in developing their skills with characterization in the context of a narrative illustration, this title offers a variety of inspired and masterfully executed techniques, thought processes and workflow.

Duration: 186 minutes

Format: HD 1920x1080

April Connors

Figure Drawing Instructor and Freelance Illustrator

April Connors is a figure drawing instructor and freelance illustrator based in Los Angeles California. She has been teaching figure drawing for the last 6 years both privately and through established institutions to a wide variety of artists at different levels and from different disciplines. April has taught private classes in Mexico and impromptu drawing lectures/demos in Hong Kong, countries in which her illustrations have been exhibited as part of solo and group shows. Her studio was previously part of the Keystone Fine Art Studios complex where she hosted costumed figure drawing workshops and traditional media classes. April currently instructs traditional media figure drawing classes at Gnomon School of VFX, Otis College of Art and Design, and 3Kicks Studio in Pasadena.

  • April Connors draws with a creative energy that is infectious to watch

    - Bob Kato
    Associate Professor at Art Center and Illustrator