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Watercolor and Gouache Painting

The Techniques of Erik Tiemens


The essence of an exciting idea can be captured successfully using a limited palette gouache and watercolor thumbnail technique. Artist and designer Erik Tiemens presents a compelling demo and covers multiple topics, including how to start visualizing thru multiple mini-sketches that take into account lighting, atmosphere, high-key and low-key plans, palette mixing, and brush control. Additional areas covered include paint consistency, working on toned paper, and zeroing in on your final direction. The lecture concludes with a detailed step-by-step demo for creating a finished small-format painting.

Duration: 2h 28m

Format: HD 1280x720

Erik Tiemens


Erik Tiemens is known internationally as an award-winning movie concept artist. He studied traditional drawing and painting at Art Center College of Design, graduating with distinction in 1990. He has since worked on many films, theme park designs and television shows while also painting traditional landscapes and figurative works. Awards include Honorary Emmy for matte painting on Young Indiana Jones series, Emmy nomination for designing the opening of Star Trek's Voyager TV series, and was part of the Oscar winning effects team on both Jurassic Park and Forrest Gump. He also served as Concept Design Supervisor for Star Wars Episodes II and III and has shown his traditional paintings in galleries in California and Connecticut.

  • "When it comes to painting, Erik Tiemens not only knows how, he shows how. His approach to lighting and composition draws deeply from his extensive knowledge of 19th century Romantic masters. His approach to picturemaking relies on a combination of thorough planning and painterly intuition, and his imagination is fed by his direct study of Nature. The restraint and focus of his pictures are well worth study by aspiring artists who want to give their imaginative work a sense of timelessness and mood."

    - James Gurney