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Creating a Medieval Castle in Unreal Engine 5
Maya, ZBrush, Substance Painter & UE5 Workflow With Phil Stoltz

Phil Stoltz

4h 00m | 8 Chapters

Complete Photogrammetry Workflow
Scanning, Cleanup & Rendering With Charleston Silverman

Charleston Silverman

3h 36m | 7 Chapters

Storyboarding Techniques: Creating a Fight Sequence
From Storyboard Drawing to Animatic With Rembert Montald

Rembert Montald

3h 20m | 11 Chapters

Introduction to Pyro FX in Houdini: Volume 2
From Large Scale Pyro Plumes to Explosions With Alasgar Hasanov

Alasgar Hasanov

5h 07m | 8 Chapters

Introduction to Pyro FX in Houdini: Volume 1
Smoke & Fire Simulations With Alasgar Hasanov

Alasgar Hasanov

5h 48m | 8 Chapters

Gesture Drawing Fundamentals
Essential Techniques For Sketching Figures With April Connors

April Connors

4h 46m | 13 Chapters

Efficient Techniques for Building 3D Environments
Tips For Nuke, Clarisse, Houdini, SpeedTree, Maya & More With James A.J. Miller

James A.J. Miller

3h 06m | 8 Chapters

Cleaning Up Scanned Assets for Production
Wrap, ZBrush & Maya Workflow With Scott Denton

Scott Denton

4h 08m | 15 Chapters

Introduction to Grooming With Ornatrix in Maya
Ornatrix, Maya, Substance Painter & V-Ray Workflow With Santhosh Koneru

Santhosh Koneru

2h 49m | 10 Chapters

Introduction to Katana
From Lighting Template in Katana to Final Render in Arnold With Taeyoung Kim

Taeyoung Kim

3h 47m | 41 Chapters

Creating a Male Groom With XGen
An Introduction to Hair Grooming in Maya & Mari With Crystal Bretz

Crystal Bretz

3h 55m | 13 Chapters

Creature Grooming Techniques in Houdini
A Maya, Houdini & Nuke Workflow With Luis Cadavid

Luis Cadavid

3h 05m | 18 Chapters

Animating Creature Walk Cycles in Maya
Understanding Quadrupeds With Stephen Cunnane

Stephen Cunnane

3h 10m | 8 Chapters

Creating an Original 3D Creature Concept: Viper Dragon
ZBrush, Maya, Mari, KeyShot & Photoshop Workflow With Kurtis Dawe

Kurtis Dawe

7h 04m | 17 Chapters

Photorealistic Character Look Dev in Maya & Arnold
Lighting, Shading & Rendering a Photorealistic Portrait With Sefki Ibrahim

Sefki Ibrahim

2h 49m | 5 Chapters

Creating Digital Doubles With Single-Camera Photogrammetry
A Comprehensive Introduction to Photogrammetry With Adam Spring

Adam Spring

5h 53m | 13 Chapters

Environment Design for Virtual Production in Unreal Engine 4
Creating Real-Time Environment Art With Vladimir Somov

Vladimir Somov

2h 07m | 15 Chapters

Gaea Essentials: Create Realistic Procedural Environments
A Comprehensive Crash Course in Procedural Terrain Creation With Dax Pandhi

Dax Pandhi

4h 47m | 8 Chapters

Creating Sci-Fi Keyframe Concept Art
From Sketch to Final Concept Using Cinema 4D & Photoshop With Sebastien Hue

Sebastien Hue

5h 30m | 12 Chapters

Procedural Shading Techniques for Houdini & Arnold
Look Development for Realistic Surfaces With Wojtek Piwowarczyk

Wojtek Piwowarczyk

8h 30m | 16 Chapters

Creating Beatboards for Pre-Production
From Script to Storybeat in Photoshop With Rembert Montald

Rembert Montald

3h 46m | 16 Chapters

Material Texturing for Production in Mari & Maya
Learn Production Techniques for Feature Films With Peter Aversten

Peter Aversten

8h 40m | 28 Chapters

Master Rigging & Python Scripting in Maya
Create Helper Scripts & a Python Limb Rig With Nick Miller

Nick Miller

5h 20m | 10 Chapters

Creating Stylized Facial Rigs for Production in Maya
Master Convincing Character Expressions With Hector Abraham Torres

Hector Abraham Torres

4h 24m | 12 Chapters

Introduction to Creature Design: Volume 2
Coloring Creature Concepts in Photoshop With Kyle Brown

Kyle Brown

4h 24m | 7 Chapters

Introduction to Creating Facial Blendshapes in Maya
A Complete Guide to FACS Blendshapes Using Maya & ZBrush With Derrick Sesson

Derrick Sesson

5h 11m | 11 Chapters

Matching a Stylized Concept in ZBrush
From 2D Concept to 3D Character Using ZBrush & Photoshop With Daniel Zeni

Daniel Zeni

6h 02m | 11 Chapters

Character Rigging in Maya for Game Production
Build a Production-Ready Character Rig With Taylor Whitsett

Taylor Whitsett

5h 00m | 12 Chapters

Creating Costume Concept Art for Film & TV
Concept Design Workflow for Photoshop With Gina DeDomenico

Gina DeDomenico

3h 35m | 6 Chapters

Lighting & Look Dev Essentials Vol 2: Shading & Texturing
Create Realistic Shaders & Procedural Textures in Maya & Redshift With Adrien Vallecilla

Adrien Vallecilla

4h 41m | 7 Chapters

Creating a Concept Model in VR
Vehicle Modeling in Gravity Sketch & Cinema 4D With Glen Southern

Glen Southern

3h 29m | 15 Chapters

Optimization for Games: Settings, Materials, Textures & Commands
Unreal Engine & Maya Techniques With Rodrigo Brea

Rodrigo Brea

3h 27m | 9 Chapters

Digital Painting in Photoshop
Interface, Tools, Tips & Techniques With Dave Neale

Dave Neale

3h 45m | 11 Chapters

Getting Started With Look Development in Houdini
Texturing & Shading Using Maya, Substance, Houdini & Redshift With Brent Le Blanc

Brent Le Blanc

2h 20m | 6 Chapters

Rigging The Jaw With Python in Maya
How To Create a Rebuildable Jaw Rig & Zipper With Arturo Coso

Arturo Coso

4h 46m | 11 Chapters

Creating a Photorealistic 3D Prop for Production
Modeling & Shading Workflow for Maya, Mari & V-Ray With Babak Bina

Babak Bina

3h 06m | 6 Chapters

Creating Creature Hair & Fur Grooms in Houdini
Advanced Grooming Techniques with Kristin Farrensteiner

Kristin Farrensteiner

7h 56m | 19 Chapters

Introduction to Creature Design: Volume 1
Sketching Concepts for Film, TV & Games With Kyle Brown

Kyle Brown

3h 51m | 9 Chapters

Lighting & Look Dev Essentials Vol. 1: Lighting Theory
Understanding CG Lighting in Maya, Redshift & Nuke With Adrien Vallecilla

Adrien Vallecilla

4h 00m | 7 Chapters

Introduction to the Houdini Ocean Toolset
Simulating Oceans, Sea Foam, & Ocean Spray With Danny Barnhart

Danny Barnhart

3h 25m | 7 Chapters

Getting Started in Cinema 4D for Designers
Designing With 3D With Tomasz Opasinski

Tomasz Opasinski

4h 22m | 16 Chapters

Introduction to Particle FX in Houdini: Vol. 1
Get Started in Particle Simulation With Alessandro Cangelosi

Alessandro Cangelosi

7h 05m | 8 Chapters

Creating Procedural Environments in Gaea & Houdini
Icy Cliffs & Rocky Terrain With Rasha Shalaby

Rasha Shalaby

3h 27m | 11 Chapters

Maya Customization for Faster Animation
Tips, Tricks, Resources, and Scripts with Ari Flesch

Ari Flesch

2h 17m | 15 Chapters

Introduction to ZBrush 2021
The Ultimate Guide To ZBrush With Madeleine Scott-Spencer

Madeleine Scott-Spencer

51h 00m | 66 Chapters

Introduction to Creating Game-Ready Foliage
A Complete Pipeline With Peyton Varney

Peyton Varney

3h 07m | 5 Chapters

Understanding The Principles of Poster Design
With Tomasz Opasinski

Tomasz Opasinski

4h 44m | 17 Chapters

Creating a Stylized Groom in Maya & XGen
Tube Geometry Workflow with Bhavika Bajpai

Bhavika Bajpai

3h 22m | 12 Chapters

Creating a Combat Finishing Takedown
Games Workflow in Maya with Patrick Przybyla

Patrick Przybyla

3h 25m | 9 Chapters

Introduction to Substance Painter 2020
From Zero To Hero With Christophe Desse

Christophe Desse

3h 45m | 21 Chapters